Wednesday, August 26, 2020 – This post by Mwangi Kibathi has hit the nail on the head and left Kenyans agreeing with his views.

In the post that has gone viral, Mwangi calls out wannabe middle class Nairobians keeping dog pets in their rented one-bedroom apartments to stop living a lie.

Read his post below.


Estate roads are full of young pple with these small ugly white dogs with fluffy fur. I hear they are called sijui Chihuahua or something like that.

This is a culture we are copying from wazungu, a cut and paste gone awry bad.

See, Europe is a very lonely place. Most families have 1 or 2 children. With young people leaving their parents house as early as 16 yrs, you need company. Dogs come in handy.

Chihuahua it is.

Sasa wewe hapa living in a crowded flat of 180 people, how lonely are you to need a dog?

How can you even afford space for a dog and you are also accommodating your 3 college going cousins?

The youngster in Europe has a free Council house. She has a ready job. So she can afford special food for the sweet dog. You? Can you afford the vet recommended dog feed?

Can you even feed yourself properly?

You want to feed that innocent lovely dog with mahindi choma like your grandmother in the village feeds Simba, her ugly, emaciated dog?

The pet culture in Europe is so serious that people even take health insurance for them. Have you updated your NHIF contribution for yourself?

Too many questions dogging my mind on this pet subject of aping mzungu.

Fuga kuku nani. Hatujafika class ya pet.

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