Saturday August 15, 2020 – A huge number of Mt Kenya residents have expressed their displeasure with President Uhuru Kenyatta accusing him of doing nothing to fight endemic corruption in his Government.

Since 2013, the Uhuru administration has been engulfed in one mega scandal after another where, according to economists, over 800 billion is stolen every year from the day Uhuru assumed office.

The latest scandal is the one involving Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) where money meant for the mitigation of COVID 19 was looted by cartels associated with State House and relatives of the Head of State.

In just 4 months, Sh 7.7 billion at KEMSA has disappeared into people’s pockets and this seems to have sparked a huge rebellion in Mt Kenya which is the political backyard of the son of Jomo.

On Friday, former Mukurweini lawmaker, Kabando wa Kabando said “enough is enough” over mass looting in Government.

Untouchables, Sacred cows are ‘sanitized’ & ‘deodorized’. Mafia ‘Tenderpreneurs’ ‘ve captured the state. KrollReport, GalanaKulalu, Sugar Scam, Angloleasing, NYS, KEMSA – shameless Gluttons stealing from the sick. CROOKS shielded. #BBI #Referendum? NO WAY! ‘CIAIGANA NI CIAIGANA,” Kabando said.

Kabando is among influential leaders in Mt Kenya region who have been castigating Uhuru’s leadership over mass theft and embezzlement of public funds.


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