Friday August 7, 2020 – Former Changamwe MP, Ramadhan Kajembe, has died at a Mombasa County Hospital

Kajembe, who was an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party member, served as the Changamwe MP from 1997 to 2013.

Two weeks ago, Kajembe’s first wife, Mama Aziza, succumbed to COVID 19 and his second wife died 4 months ago.

Mama Aziza was very instrumental in Kajembe’s political career, mobilising women to support him.

Aziza was a reserved woman who preferred working behind the scenes.

At times, Kajembe boasted about her at rallies and social gatherings, describing her as “the Queen of the kingdom”.

He boasted about her in political rallies and at social gatherings.

Kajembe is a respected figure in Mombasa and is usually consulted by political leaders on important issues.

He was the Kenya Ferry Services chairman from 2016 to 2019.


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