Monday, August 24, 2020 – Gerald Okeyo Obure also known as Chris Obure is not new controversy.

The notorious gold fraudster, who was arrested over the weekend alongside Robert Ouko over the fatal shooting of a 28-year man in Kilimani, has more than five cases of firearm misuse in court.

Mr. Obure, who is also a close friend of Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, claims that he owns Nairobi and that no police officers can dare touch him.

Even the gun that was used in the murder of Omwenga was the same gun he used to cause drama at B-Club sometime back.

“It’s not clear how he got it given it had been confiscated from him and handed over to the firearms licensing board in 2019 after he was involved in a gun drama in B -Club in the city,” a police source said.

He is also reported to have pulled a gun at police officers at a roadblock when they stopped him and the cops had to run for their dear lives.

Even when he was arrested sometimes back and arraigned in court, he was treated like royalty as he flaunted his expensive wrist watch in court while laughing like it was a comedy skit.

Watch the videos below.


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