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Thursday August 13, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the beginning of the end of Kamiti phone scammers.

Speaking at the 44th Prisons Pass-out Parade at Prisons Staff Training College, Ruiru, the Head of State noted that the correctional facilities had acquired equipment to nab the perpetrators, and that very soon, the proverbial 40 days will be over for the scammers.

He stated that a number of prisons in the country had enhanced surveillance systems on the inmates with signal jammers and CCTV cameras to monitor their activities.

“With these innovations and high tech equipment under the watchful eye of the prison officers, the common scam of ‘kupokea simu ya kamiti’ (a phone call from Kamiti) will be a thing of the past,” he stated.

The President further commended the Department of State Protection for enhancing production lines for their role in promoting local manufacturing in the production of number plates.

He further called for the correctional department to embrace administrative justice for the inmates.

The Kamiti phone scam is a well-known scheme to many mobile phone users who have received messages purporting to be from bank managers and telco companies.

Some of the convicts have been quoted to have made as much as Ksh 500,000 through the scheme.

“With the money, I can run my businesses without being detected.”

“I have bought matatus, built houses and bought land through third parties in various parts of the country.”

“If I leave this place, I am sure that I will be richer than I could have imagined while outside,” an inmate disclosed in a previous interview. 

Most scams are when they inform a user that they had won cash prizes, especially from mobile service providers.


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  1. This is selfish politics and bongus leadership Uhuru could have done this long time before your end of term Uhuru Kenyans are not stupid wako macho.

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