Monday August 31, 2020 – Former Nairobi County Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, narrated yesterday how her troubles at City Hall spilled over to her household.

Speaking during a media interview, Elachi narrated that her 12-year-old daughter informed her that she was terrified when she learnt that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was moving to a house next door.

Prior to this development, Elachi narrated how she had to calm her daughter down after she wondered whether City Hall employees always showed up to work drunk.

“I remember my daughter who is 12 asking me ‘Why is it that your people go to work while drunk?”

“What is all this fight for?”

“From that time, I started thinking about how to leave this job.”

“At one point, where the house of the Governor was, we are just near, when they (kids) realized he (Sonko) is coming there, they were terrified and they told me ‘mom, we are moving’,” she recalled.

According to Elachi, Sonko was terrified to a point that it was hard for him to have dinner openly with people.


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