Tuesday, 04 August 2020 – There was drama after a man leaked nude photos of beautiful Miss Tourism Homa Bay County, Beth Odek.

The controversial man, who is identified as Professor Maxwell Odongo on facebook, an employee of United Nations (UN) in Juba and a very notorious womanizer with multiple baby mamas, was dating the beauty queen but he came to learn that she was cheating on him while he was in Juba.

Maxwell Odongo bragged how he paid rent for Beth, gave her money for upkeep (5K per week) and ensured that she was doing well financially, only for her to cheat on him.

He shared her nudes on social media to revenge and screenshots of him doing late night naughty video calls with her while she was stark naked.

In some of the crazy photos that Beth sent Maxwell, but which we can’t share here, she is seen spreading her legs wide open and displaying her ‘Nunu’.

Here are screenshots of Maxwell embarrassing the model, who is currently Miss Tourism Homa Bay County, on facebook.

A screenshot of Maxwell during a naughty video call with Miss Tourism Homa Bay County. She was stark naked.

Here are more photos of the beauty queen, who is praying the earth to swallow her after Maxwell exposed her dirt.


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