Monday August 24, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto blasted Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders for defending looting of billions at the Kenya Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA).

Since Kenya recorded its first coronavirus case on March 13th, 2020, over Sh 43 billion meant for fighting Covid19 has been looted by cartels linked to State House and Orange House.

On Saturday, ODM issued a statement in defence of the Government saying at the onset of the virus, the prices of Covid-19 medical equipment were high due to an increase in demand and the agency was not to blame.

The Orange Party further hit out at Ruto accusing him of being reluctant in helping the President fight corruption and that his statement was as good as being jealous because he did not get a chance to loot the money.

But in a fast rejoinder, Ruto said ODM leaders have turned into “lords of corruption” and the defence of the scandal was not shocking.

“The pretentious (former) Opposition, now turned lords of corruption, attempted defence of the COVID-19 grand larceny is not shocking.

“It confirms the worst of Kenyan’s fears that their side of the handshake was never interested in the people’s good but opportunity to loot. What a shame,” Ruto said on Sunday.


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