Wednesday August 26, 2020 – The Thirdway Alliance Party’s National Executive Council (NEC) has suspended Dr Ekuru Aukot as the Party Leader over financial impropriety.

In a chaotic meeting held in Nairobi on Wednesday, Aukot was relieved of his duties as the Party Leader pending a determination of his disciplinary case.

Among other issues, Aukot is being suspended for verbally assaulting Deputy Party Leader Dr Angela Mwikali.

Earlier this year, Mwikali and Aukot disagreed on the suspension of the party’s Secretary General Fredrick Okango.

“Your vote is and was inconsequential.”

“We are past SG.”

“Bring your brains to the meeting on Monday and let’s hear what brainy things you will say, assuming that you will be in the right mental state,” an email from Aukot read.

Ms Mwikali accused the Party Leader of “using and calling women names” further urging him to stop the “use and dump mentality”.

Dr Aukot’s suspension comes at a time a Nairobi woman accused him of impregnating her and refusing to take responsibility of being a father.

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