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Thursday August 6, 2020 – Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Macharia Kamau, has revealed how he is battling out with COVID 19 after he tested positive two weeks ago.

In a virtual interview with Jeff Koinange Live on Citizen TV on Wednesday evening, Macharia described his battle with Covid-19 as a very interesting experience.

Ambassador Macharia said unlike many Kenyans, he was asymptomatic and he battled the dreaded disease like a gentleman.

He said his symptoms kept recurring with some days when he felt he was okay while other days it got bad.

Macharia has since recovered.

He took a test on Tuesday and is due to take another to confirm he is virus free.

The PS said a week after he first tested positive, he noticed he started feeling off, he was getting tired even though he is an active man.

“I like to jog, I like to keep fit and I like to go to 50 press ups but suddenly at 20 I’d feel I’m running out of energy.”

“Your usual four to five kilometre run, after two kilometres you feel you are wiped out,” he said

At 63 years, Macharia said he once passed out after a sudden spike in body temperature.

“On that Monday morning, I got up and went to breakfast.”

“In the middle of breakfast, I had a sharp temperature spike and I began feeling dizzy and delirious.”

“According to the person who was helping me, I actually passed out for a few seconds,” he narrated.

He said it was like having a severe hot flash and for a moment he was not coherent.

Within two hours, he felt better.

Macharia urged all coronavirus patients to try to be as active as possible.

“You must get up, don’t stay in bed, don’t play dead because Covid-19 will take you over.”

“Be active, it is like having a bad flu,” he said.


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