Friday, 21 August 2020 – The internet is going crazy after a white man leaked photos of over 20 cheap Kenyan ladies that he has slept with.

The notorious man, who is identified as Mike Oliver, has been chewing Kenyan women like sugarcane.

He posted photos in hotel rooms with different women and left Netizens wondering how Kenyan ladies have turned into cheap sex objects.

Twitter bigwig, Amerix, who champions for the welfare of men on twitter, has advised men to focus on their goals instead of chasing women, after seeing how Mike Oliver is misusing Kenyan ladies because of his skin colour and probably money.

According to Amerix, women can happily share a man they perceive to be of high value, the same way Kenyan ladies are doing with Mike Oliver, instead of sticking around with simps.

‘There is a caucasian man called Mike Oliver who has sampled atleast 12 Kenyan women.Women will happily share a man they perceive to be of high value than stick around a bottom tier simp. Continue working on your value. Don’t chase girls, chase GOALS.’ he tweeted.


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