Sunday August 30, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto received a painting with a hidden meaning during his development tour of Mombasa County on Saturday August, 29th

The painting was presented by Sheila, an 11-year-old artist and designer who was inspired to make a piece of art depicting the Deputy President. 

Speaking at the women empowerment event, she stated that the portrait of the DP came to her as a vision in her dreams.

The top left part of the painting had a dark patch with starts and heavenly bodies to show the night. 

On top of the DP’s head was an angel with arms stretched out over his head, which according to the young artist, symbolised God’s protection.

“I know you have many enemies and this is to let them know they are not fighting you, but with the angel,” she explained to the applause of the attendees. 

Sheila also stated that the Lord had shown her that Ruto will win the 2022 General Elections. 

The Bible which had the term 2022 engraved in it on the top right of the painting symbolised his victory and subsequent swearing-in ceremony, the young painter described.

In the portrait, the DP was holding a dove which was a sign of a peaceful reign.

She also asked for a meeting with the Deputy President at his official Karen residence. 

Ruto arrived in Mombasa on Friday, August 28th, on the invitation of Nyali MP, Mohammed Ali. 


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