Monday, August 3, 2020 – Last week, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) acting Secretary General, Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda, revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

“On behalf of the National Executive Council, I would like to inform all KMPDU members and the general public that I have tested positive for Covid-19”

“I’m currently in stable condition and under self-isolation.”

“My family is safe, contact tracing and testing of all close contacts is ongoing,” he wrote on twitter.

Dr. Mwachonda has been sharing his experience about battling the virus although he states that his has been a case of mild symptoms.

Taking to twitter on Sunday, Dr Mwachonda, wrote:

“Those with no symptoms at all should count themselves lucky.”

“The waxing and waning nature of the symptoms can put one in a state of apprehension.”

“One hour you are fine, next hour your body is acting up.

“But overall I am quite stable with mild symptoms,”

He went on to disclose that he contracted the virus while dispensing his official duties.

According to Dr. Mwachonda, symptoms vary according to someone’s response to the disease which may include fatigue – even after long hours of sleep – sore throat, muscle aches, coughing and abdominal discomfort.

While the novel coronavirus has no cure yet, he outlined some supportive treatment for patients including paracetamol tabs, Zinc tablets, Vitamin C tablets, Azithromycin tabs and plenty of hydration.

So far, Kenya has recorded 22,053 covid-19 cases with 634 health care workers among those infected.


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