Friday August 7, 2020 – Former NASA strategist, David Ndii, has made an about turn and praised former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as a hardworking team player who is always sober.

Ndii, an Oxford trained economist, opined that the Opposition supremo could have led Kenya better than President Uhuru Kenyatta who is serving his second and final term in office.

Ndii praised Raila Odinga after he rejected a proposal by Uhuru’s Government to reduce revenue in marginalized communities in a new proposed sharing formula.

“Raila is a progressive hard working politician and a great team player.”

“Over and above that, he is sober,” Ndii wrote.

Immediately after Uhuru was re-elected in 2017, Ndii questioned Kenyans who voted for him saying they made a “bad” choice and should live with the consequences.

“Kenyans who voted Uhuru Kenyatta three times need to ask themselves if he was the president to lead Kenya to prosperity.”

“Americans need to ask themselves if Donald Trump… Democracy includes freedom to make bad choices, and only the people can correct themselves through elections,” he said.


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