Wednesday, 05 August 2020 – June Tuto, the daughter of Jubilee Vice-Chairman and deep state cartel, David Murathe, is in love.

The 26 year old lady has been flashing a lavish lifestyle on social media and showing how money can afford you the best things in life.

However, her love life has been a secret until recently, when she flaunted her mzungu boyfriend.

The petite lady, who studies fashion design in Spain, revealed the face of the man she has fallen in love with when they were celebrating 9 months in love.

To mark the special day, they went to a park where they were seen posing with giraffes and then went for a romantic dinner at a high end restaurant where they danced and kissed.

Here are photos of the white man who has swept the heart of Murathe’s daughter.

After day at the park, they went for a romantic dinner.


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