Thursday, August 20, 2020 – Death has knocked at the door of the late former Changamwe MP, Ramadhan Kajembe, for a third time in one month.

This is after Langoni Kajembe, the former MP’s first born daughter died on Wednesday evening at the Panday Hospital in Mombasa due to Covid-19 related complications.

Her death comes barely three weeks after her father and mother succumbed to Covid-19.

Lagoni was admitted in hospital on August 7th after she collapsed following the death of her father and she was unable to attend her father’s burial ceremony as she was in hospital fighting for her own life.

In August 9, 2020, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe claimed that the late MP and his wives contracted the virus from their son who tested positive but refused to isolate himself.

“I received news that a son who tested and turned positive for coronavirus but refused to acknowledge the results because he believed the virus was a myth; went home, infected the parents and sister.”

“Unfortunately, his mother and father succumbed to the virus,” the CS said.

“His refusal to self-isolate saw the family lose the head of the family, two weeks after they lost and buried the mother,” he added.

Following the politician’s death, his family demanded an apology from Health CS Kagwe stating that his sentiments have seen the family subjected to stigmatization.


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