Sunday, 09 August 2020 – Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe, has been condemning Kenyans for failing to obey the guidelines set by the Government to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

In his frequent press briefings, Kagwe is on the record condemning young people for holding parties where wearing of masks and social distancing is not observed but his own son, Kahush, an upcoming rapper known for the hit song Mi Siwezi, is among those not obeying Government’s directives.

Kahush was among a group of young revellers who attended a birthday party organized by well known city fraudster and drug dealer, Kevin Obia, who masquerades as a businessman.

Kevin Obia has several court cases where he is accused of defrauding people millions of shillings by pretending that he sells gold.

He is also part of drug cartel in Nairobi.

In the party where expensive alcohol was flowing freely, there was no social distancing.

Kagwe’s son was not even wearing a mask yet his father is busy lecturing Kenyans like toddlers.

A concerned Kenyan posted on twitter saying, ‘On June 23rd, 2020, Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe LIED that his son Kahu Mburu Mutahi, also known as Kahush, who is a Hip Hop rapper, was “under quarantine,” having ILLEGALLY jetted in from the UK. But here is Kahush PARTYING AWAY this week. No social distance. No masks. No quarantine.’

Another social media user posted a video of Kagwe’s son partying with fellow rich kids during the lavish birthday party and as you can see, there are openly breaking Covid-19 rules.

Here are more reactions from Kenyans after Kagwe’s son was spotted disobeying the guidelines set by the Government to curtail the spread of coronavirus.


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