Tuesday August 4, 2020 – Crowd1/ Aim Global is the newest investment craze sweeping across the country, and its model of success is, like many before it, quite simple – the more people you recruit, the more money you make.

The pioneers profit off the newcomers and boost the scheme’s spread.

It is not based on any solid product or service, and predictably, it promises to make the masses instant millionaires.

However, any sharp Kenyan can see that Crowd 1/Aim Global is a dubious multi-level marketing scheme that is aimed at conning unsuspecting Kenyans millions of their savings.

The owners of this scheme, like thousands of conmen and women before them, want to make millions and get away with them before the scheme collapses.

So this is a warning to Kenyans, Crowd 1/ Aim Global is a pyramid scheme aimed at conning people and Kenyans should not join them.

There is nothing like free money in Kenya, so avoid these rats who are conning Kenyans.

Why do people fall for these tricks?


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