Wednesday, 05 August 2020 – Controversial city preacher, Allan Kiuna, of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC), has been accused of exploiting the faithful who flock his church in Parklands.

Kiuna’s church is frequented by middle class Kenyans with decent income.

They bless him with tithes and offerings after using the prosperity gospel to sell hope to them.

The flashy preacher, reportedly borrowed a loan to build his lavish home in Runda that looks like a palace, and then convinced his brainwashed  congregants to contribute money every Sunday, to help him service the loan.

He is also accused of acquiring a loan to build his expansive church in Parklands, which was then serviced by his congregants.

‘Pastor Allan Kiuna convinced his followers and they acquired a loan to build a church and a home in Runda (For the servant of the Lord as they put it). The loan was being serviced by his followers every Sunday but the title deeds of the property are on his name. Biashara tu!’’ Popular blogger @ItsMutai tweeted.

‘It’s so heartbreaking to wake every Sunday from some dingy estate in Kasarani take a mat to town, Bishop Kiuna’s church, contribute money for his lavish lifestyle in Runda where he lives and then go back to your dingy estate in Kasarani with just ‘wait for God’s timing’. So Sad!’’ He added.


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