Sunday, August 30, 2020 – A sheep breed known as Texel, bred by a family in Stockport, UK, is nowofficially the most expensive sheep in the world.

The sheep fetched a mind-boggling $490,000 (Aprrox Ksh53 million) at an auction.

During the auction, the price of the sheep jumped from an opening bid of $9,000 (Approx. Ksh900, 000) to the staggering $490,000.

The animal was finally bought by a three-way partnership between three farmers who have decided to breed the animal together.

According to the Texel Sheep Society, the previous record was £231,000 paid for a Texel, Deveronvale Perfection, in 2009.

Jeff Aiken, flock manager at Procters Farm, one of the buyers, said:

“The Texel for a start is the best breed in the UK and the pedigree side of it is getting bigger.”

“If you want the best you have to try and buy the best.”

“It’s an exceptional animal and the best Texel sheep I’ve ever seen.”

“Hopefully he’ll do a good job on all three flocks.”

See photos below.


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