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Monday, August 10, 2020 – Days after President Uhuru hinted that he may reorganize his Cabinet soon to include more young Kenyans, a young man from Kisii has made a passionate appeal to the President to consider appointing him asthe Industrialization Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).

The bold guy identifying himself as Ongeri E. M, recorded a short video saying that he’s a manufacturing expert whose expertise will go a long way in helping the President achieve his Big Four agenda and vision 2030.

“I draw your attention to the industrialised and economically stable countries like Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, just like our country these nations had a dream.”

“Back at home Mr. President, your daring dream anchored along with the Big Four [Agenda] as a precursor in the realisation of our vision 2030, sir that dream is a valid one,” he says.

He went on to say that that he was a ‘son of a nobody’ with his father being a githeri cook in a local village school and the mother, an avocado vendor in the village.

“With no connections, no nothing but Mr. President despite all these odds, I have a rare passion and integrity, I am full of the highly-needed energy, intellectual acumen and stamina that you are looking for to achieve your manufacturing dream.

“Mr. President I have a dream, a dream that if given a chance, I will deliver, so I pose a question today is my dream valid during your tenure in office?”

 “I really look forward to working with our young people and as I said earlier, in the coming days I will be adding a good number of CASs of the same generation,”

Watch the video below.


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