Tuesday, August 25, 2020 – Comedian-turned Radio host, Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, has heaped praise on his beautiful wife, Amina, for coming through for him and the family when he lost his job.

Jalang’o says when he recently lost his job at Milele FM, his wife, Amina Chao, who works in the General Trade Visibility and Events Department of Safaricom Limited, took over the responsibility of providing for the family.

While Jalas did not stay jobless for long after he landed a job at Kiss 100 where he started his radio career, he is grateful for his wife.

Speaking during his morning show on Kiss 1oo, Jalang’o said:

“I thank god for my wife because where she works everything went well, you know that’s when I lost my job so she held the family down,”


“Let me give baby a shout out, baby thank you for holding me down during this corona period were it not for you I would have been dead.”

The couple has been married for close to four years but Amina has managed to keep her life out of social media.

She has stood by Jalang’o despite the comedian’s well documented philandering habit


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