Thursday August 27, 2020 – Junet Mohmmed’s PA and popular blogger, Dikembe Disembe, has described lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi as a sexual pervert who preys on young girls, some who are barely 18 years.

In a war of words on social media on Thursday after Ahmednasir accused Dikembe of “being a dog roaming in the streets seeking for ODM handouts”, the latter accused the former of being an embarrassment to the legal fraternity because he asks for nudes from young girls who barely know how to open their legs.

“An idiot like you who begs for handouts at the streets and at pronto before Hon @JunetMohamed gave you a job as a chai boy…reasons like that…,” Ahmednasir told Dikembe .

But in a fierce rejoinder, Dikembe said Ahmednasir is a sex predator who has no shame when soliciting for sex from underage girls.

Graduated fairly top of my class at Moi. By 3rd year I was already working, among the few in my class who started working before even graduating. An idiot like you believes every young person needs handouts. Stop DMing girls the age of you grandchildren for nudes and sex. Guok,” Dikembe clapped back.#

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