Friday, 14 August 2020 – Former Classic 105 presenter, Ciku Muiruri, has turned into a marriage expert, after having sex with the notorious Artur Brothers and reportedly spreading her legs to prominent politicians.

Ciku took to her facebook page and announced that she is offering marital advice to men and any other issue that might be disturbing them, at a fee of Ksh 5,000 per hour.

According to her, men rarely have someone to talk to when they are troubled and that’s why she has decided to come to their rescue.

‘Men have it rough. When we girls have problems, we talk to each other. We have ice cream, drink some wine and figure it out with our support systems. With guys it’s different. Who do you talk to when your wife is cheating on you? Who do share with when you have no money? Not your friends. They are there for sports and deals. You will never let them see you cry. Who do you talk to if you feel broken? If you need restoration? We all need to unburden.’’ She wrote.

‘I’m starting hour long calls with men who need to unload about their lives, relationships, fears, whatever is weighing you down. What you cannot tell anyone else. I’ll give a listening ear and the best advice I can. All content is confidential. Each hour long session is 5k and will be conducted on phone for social distancing purposes. DM if you are interested. Not judgement here. Just a listening ear.

ps) If your issues require a mental health expert, DM for recommendations for a professional, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.’ She added.

Men roasted the former presenter, saying it’s better to buy beer rather than part with the Ksh 5,000 she was charging to solve their issues.

Here’s how men reacted to the post.


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