Monday August 3, 2020 – The Ministry of Health is currently in the spotlight after it awarded a two-month-old company a Sh 4 billion tender to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to fight COVID 19.

The company that won the tender was registered in January 2020 and is owned by Ivy Minyow Onyango.

On January 22, Ms Onyango, barely 30 years old, walked into the company’s registry and registered a new company.

Several weeks later, Ms. Onyango’s Company was handpicked to supply PPEs worth Sh 4 billion in March – barely two months old.

To add salt to injury, Ms. Onyango’s company supplied PPE kits at Sh 9,000 per kit and the normal price for a kit is Sh 4,500.

The complete kit includes a N95 mask, bodysuits, googles, waterproof shoe covers, and gloves.

She was to supply 450,000 of each of those items.

Sources have also established that the Ministry of Health paid 80 percent of the money upfront even before she supplied the kits.

Multiple sources also said Ivy Onyango was acting on behalf of a senior Jubilee politician who has made his billions by securing contracts from Government agencies and selling them to companies in exchange for a 10 percent cut.

The man is very close to President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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