Thursday, 13 August 2020 – A 23 year old slay queen has left Netizens with endless questions after she flaunted her aging husband, who is 53.

Despite their age difference of 20 years, the young lady says that she is happily married to the man.

They met in a club, exchanged contacts and after several dates, their love blossomed, before they settled down as husband and wife.

“You know people are only good at criticizing others. I have found love after a long time. Before, I have been meeting partners who are not committed and not matured. But finally, I  met my ‘Baby Boy’ (Bob Mweze) who has given me love, attention and time. I’m in love with him” she said.

When asked about the reaction of her family after she got married to a man who is old enough to be her father, she said that what matters to her is happiness.

‘The most important thing in a relationship is happiness. Age is just a number and does not bring about happiness. Look at the President of France, he is married to a 76 year old woman despite being 44. He followed happiness and that is what matters to me. This is not about my family but me as an individual,’ she added.

See photos of the controversial couple.               


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