Thursday, July 9, 2020 – Former Tahidi High actress, Jolene, divorced her pilot husband about two years ago over cheating allegations.

Jolene thought that that she had committed herself to the most faithful man in the world but later realized that her husband, Nyogz, was a serial womanizer.

They parted ways and Jolene is now a single mother and a bitter feminist.

She has also become sexier after divorcing her cheating husband thanks to a regular work-out.

She posted some very hot photos parading her juicy thighland, leaving the male fraternity going nuts.

See photos.

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  1. Thooo!!!!!!! Malaya wakawaida hawa sio wanawake material wives hawa ni malaya most of this ladies are useless they can’t even cook and take care of there husbands kama chupi ama suruali ya ndani ana oshewa na mjakazi wake ya bwana yake ataosha sangapi,wanawake wakenya wengi wao wana matako makubwa na akili hawana nikutembea kama mabata.

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