Friday, July 10, 2020 – A lady has excited Netizens after she posted something interesting about post-wall women like Betty Kyallo, who waste their prime years spreading their legs to bad boys and then look for ‘good men’ to marry them after realizing that their beauty has diminished.

According to this lady, who oozes wisdom like Aoko Otieno, women don’t want a good man until their goodies are damaged.

That’s why you see most women rushing to church when they hit 30 to look for good men after spending their 20s sleeping with multiple men and bearing kids from different fathers.

‘Good guys are never an option until a woman is tired  of being played. Until she has kids with a guy that doesn’t want anything to do with her,’ the lady posted.

She further warned men to avoid falling in love with post wall women because most of them have emotional baggage and past insecurities.

This is one interesting post that all men should read.


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