Monday, July 13, 2020 – Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe, has dismissed claims that doctors and nurses who are dealing with Coronavirus have no Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

Kagwe spoke a day after he issued his daily update on Covid19.

Kagwe said Kenya has more PPEs than it needs and it is up to hospitals to ensure they are distributed effectively.

The Practitioners and Dentists Board has called on the Government to prioritise PPE distribution.

“The Government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of frontline health workers is addressed comprehensively,” KMPDU Acting Secretary-General, Chibanzi Mwachonda, said.

“To Kenyans, the disease is real.”

“You have a responsibility to protect not just yourselves but we the health care workers.”

“There is no amount of money that will compensate a family for the loss of their loved one.”

“It is our civic duty to protect Kenyans, and these Kenyans are our relatives.”

The union issued the statement after three medics – two nurses, and one gynecologist – succumbed to Covid-19.


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