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Saturday July 11, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has trained his gun on one last ally of Deputy President William Ruto to complete his purge within Jubilee.

Uhuru and his allies are now targeting Jubilee Deputy Secretary General and Soy MP, Caleb Kositany, to complete removal of Ruto’s allies from the party hierarchy.

Jubilee Party was crafted on a 50-50 power basis between President Kenyatta and his deputy.

However, over the last four months, under the cover of the Covid19 pandemic, the Head of State has weakened the DP’s side.

Speaking yesterday, Vice Chairman David Murathe said Kositany has been disloyal to Uhuru and has also been undermining his immediate boss, Secretary General Raphael Tuju, something which can no longer be tolerated.

 “The party must have order.”

“We will discipline anyone seen to go against party ideals and who disrespects the party leader.”

“And this includes the Deputy Secretary General.”

“No one will be spared disciplinary actions where necessary,” said Murathe.

The removal of Kositany could happen in the coming week when the party is expected to reorganise its National Executive Council and formally usher in the newly reconstituted National Management Committee (NMC) that will be in charge of running the day-to-day activities of the party.

In response, Kositany said yesterday that those who want him out should go ahead and execute their plan.”

“He said the party leader is yet to call a meeting of the NEC.”

“Let them go ahead.”

“When we formed the party, we had noble intentions, to unite the country and build a firm, developed and cohesive country.”

“That dream was hijacked by busybodies.”

“In any case, I am fighting with my consciousness on whether I should continue serving a party where even my little idea is not recognised or listened to,” said Kositany.

He said he expects to be fired and this is because of staying true to the dreams of the party and that those currently in control of the party don’t understand this.

He ruled out resigning saying that he will wait to be fired.

“If they no longer want us in the party, God will give us options.”


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