Tuesday July 28, 2020 – Chaos and pandemonium rocked Nairobi County Assembly on Tuesday after MCAs attempted to serve Speaker Beatrice Elachi with a notice of her impeachment.

The document had been signed by 60 MCAs who support the motion to impeach Elachi.

The MCAs wanted to serve the Speaker with the notice of impeachment to stop her from going to court to say that she was not notified of the motion.

However, Ms Elachi locked herself in her office with General Service Unit (GSU) officers blocking MCAs from accessing her.

The paramilitary officers were forced to lob teargas into the assembly to disperse the MCAs.

This is the MCAs’ second attempt to remove her from office since 2018.

The MCAs accused her of abuse of office, divisive leadership and disrespecting other office holders in the Assembly.

Sources said it is Uhuru who ordered GSU officers to be sent to the Nairobi County Assembly and protect Elachi.

Here is a video from City Hall


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