Tuesday July 2020 – The Association of Atheists in Kenya (AAK) president, Harrison Mumia, has said President Uhuru Kenyatta made a costly mistake on Monday when he reopened Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera Counties.

The three Countries have been under a partial lockdown for almost three months over high cases of coronavirus.

But on Monday, Uhuru opened the Counties even as cases of coronavirus continue to soar.

He also ordered the reopening of churches and mosques – a thing that angered the atheists

In a statement to Kenyans on Monday evening, Mumia faulted the President Uhuru’s directive to open churches and mosques as ‘misguided, impracticable and counter-productive.’

“The AIK argue that the government is not adequately prepared to monitor the congregational gatherings to ensure that safety protocols by the World Health Organization are followed,” Mumia said

“How will the government ensure that places of worship are not crowded, especially in the informal settlements where a church could mean small confined space? How will the government ensure that congregants to hug, or shake hands in church?” the posed.

The AAK further said that some doctrines within the Christian denomination could be a hindrance to social distancing and limiting the spread of Covid-19.

For instance, it claims that some preachers could purport to be curing the virus hence this will only cause more negligence.

“We know that some pastors will defy the Covid-19 health regulations on grounds that God heals. Many Kenyans believe in miracles and some men and women of God will purport to have the ability to heal the virus,” AIK stated.


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