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Wednesday July 15, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is not ready to abandon Deputy President William Ruto just yet despite their frosty relationship.

Uhuru has on several occasions blocked multi state agencies involved in fighting economic venality and other crimes from summoning or even arresting William Ruto to shed more light on various matters after his deputy’s name featured in various investigations of prime suspects.

Whereas Ruto’s supporters openly claim that Uhuru has abandoned his deputy and betrayed him, to the contrary, the President has gone an extra mile to protect his embattled DP both locally and internationally.

According to sources, Uhuru is currently engaged in a secret mission to have Western nations lift travel bans on Ruto and his family.

His decision not to assign Ruto international State functions is due to the said bans.

According to one MP within Jubilee well versed with these developments, it was on this ground that a bitter Uhuru openly stated in public that he was no longer going to protect anybody linked to graft including close members of his family.

It is said that the President has turned down requests by detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and Directorate of Criminal Investigations to summon Ruto to record statements after the DP’s name featured prominently in corruption allegations.

To summon the DP, the sleuths require the consent of the Head of State due to the political ramifications the move would generate.

Apart from corruption allegations, the detectives want to summon Ruto to record statements over his outbursts which they consider as alarming.

One such statement is when he publicly claimed three Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries from Mount Kenya region had hatched a plot to kill him.

His remarks saw Uhuru direct the CSs implicated in the Ruto assassination plot to record statements with the DCI.

However, the investigations could not proceed.

According to one CS involved in the matter, Ruto was to be summoned to record a statement that could have lasted for hours but when the Head of State was briefed of the next course of action, he told those involved to go slow saying if Ruto was serious with his allegations, he should record a statement himself but should not be seen as being coerced.

All in all, Uhuru is buying time as he quietly lays the ground for Ruto’s arrest by first whittling down his influence in Government and reducing his international image by halting his interactions with global leaders.


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