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Sunday July 12, 2020 – Political analyst, Herman Manyora, has claimed that the decision on who will be the country’s President in 2022 will not solely rest on voters.

Speaking yesterday, Manyora said whoever will succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta will be a product of the current political matrix being strategized and fronted by Uhuru and ODM leader, Raila Odinga, through BBI.

He observed that the game plan to decide who will be Kenya’s fifth President was taking into consideration that it will be very difficult and almost impossible for Kenyans to elect another Kikuyu.

Due to this, Manyora said that the BBI brigade was cleverly marketing three possible candidates (ODM leader Raila Odinga, former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth, and Uhuru) as a package.

“2022 will be a boardroom decision.”

“There is going to be consensus democracy where those in the BBI will share the spoils.”

“It may not be good for democracy…but that is what will happen.”

“If it will stabilize the country… I may not have a problem with it,” said Manyora.

According to him, Uhuru could be using the former lawmaker to sell BBI in Mount Kenya region, and also as a form of assurance that the region will have high representation in the next Government even if it will not capture the presidency.

“If Uhuru wants to sell the BBI in his backyard, he must convince the Mount Kenya region that they will be there (in power).”

“He may not go for the presidency because it will be very difficult to sell another Kikuyu President in the country.”

“They will want someone senior there.”

“Uhuru might go for it but he will be backtracking on his words that he will be vacating office soon after the expiry of his tenure.”

“The civil society, progressive forces and international community will go for him if he will want to directly get close to power again,” he explained.


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