Thursday, July 30, 2020 – Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Kamau Macharia, has regretted that many Kenyans will die because the Government and especially the Ministry of Health is doing nothing to fight COVID 19.

Macharia, who has tested positive for coronavirus, said the Government is only yapping about social distancing and banning alcohol yet it is not doing anything to help those who have been infected by the deadly bug which originated from Wuhan, China.

Ambassador Kamau, who is yet to be hospitalised, said he is extremely worried because since he tested positive a week ago, no health official has contacted him to ask him the people he was in contact with to stop the spread of the disease.

“What is scarier is that if my symptoms do become life-threatening, I may not have access to proper medical care because of lack of insurance and or a facility to respond.”

“After all, I don’t even keep a doctor as I never actually fall ill,” Kamau said.

Macharia also questioned what the Ministry of Health has done with the billions it was allocated in March to fight Covid 19.


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