Wednesday, 08 July 2020 – Popular Citizen TV Swahili anchor, Swaleh Mdoe, sparked a debate on twitter after he lashed out at female colleagues in the media who are opening high end salons and spas while masquerading as entrepreneurs.

According to Mdoe, those salons are owned by sponsors.

The seasoned TV anchor, who is famous for Tafakari Ya Babu, said that female media celebrities like Betty Kyallo pretend to own the high end spas and salons but the actual owners are well loaded sponsors, who use them to launder money.

“Have you noticed? There is a trend of some SPONSORS opening Beauty Salons/SPAs using female Celebrities as FRONTS and these lasses pretending to OWN them? Sijataja mtu.” Mdoe tweeted.

Although Mdoe didn’t mention names, his followers concluded that he was throwing jabs at former K24 anchor, Betty Kyallo, who opened a high end salon and spa after she was fired over poor ratings.


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