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Monday, 13 July 2020 – TRM Drive and Roysambu have become prostitution dens.

In almost every apartment in the aforementioned areas, you will find young ladies hawking their flesh to sex starved men through prostitution websites.

The Kenyan DAILY POST is in possession of photos and videos of some very young ladies who run a prostitution ring along TRM drive.

They have rented an apartment where they service sex starved men who find their contacts in online prostitution websites.

The ladies live large, always taking expensive alcohol and smoking shisha.

See their photos and videos of how they live large after sucking all sizes of cassavas.

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  1. Ignorance is bliss or so they say this are the big time prostitutes of Zimmerman harlots who think of nothing just alcohol and sex without thinking and knowing what is about to come in the future ,if you’re single guy in this generation and you want to get married never try to date Nairobi ladies, they are called mothers of all harlots in every corner of Nairobi be wise and marry upcountry and outside Kenya but never in nairobi this type of ladies are like a pack of wolves with bigger appetites and lazy bodies soon to become single mothers and most of them come from single mothers and a family that doesn’t care about them,children raised by both parents they can’t do this kid of stuffs they are different I think by 2030 if the government doesn’t control this type of party animals men are in big trouble.

  2. Na bado by 2030 hatakama umeolewa unaringa bwana yangu tutazaa na yeye na tutalea pamoja hata slay queen akichapa anataka bwana,na tutazaaa tukichapa.

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