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Thursday, July 23, 2020 – Veteran actor Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula may have died but his legacy will live on forever through the people he tutored and comedians he mentored.

Some of the comedians who owe their careers to the fallen thespian, who died from Covid-19 complications while seeking treatment at the Karen Hospital on Saturday and was buried at his village home in Busia on Monday, include Jalang’o, Njoro and Captain Otoyo.

On Wednesday, Jalang’o hosted Njoro and Otoyo on his Online TV to pay tribute to their fallen mentor and it was an emotional moment.

At some point, Jalang’o broke into tears as he narrated how the late Bukeko gave them their current stage names and his role in their careers.

“We had been acting Luo plays at the National Theatre for sometime and one day Inspecta Mwala calls and asks us to debut on his show, Inspecta Mwala” Jalang’o narrated.

“I was to audition as a cop on Inspecta Mwala,” Otoyo added.

“Then we suddenly receive another call from Papa and he says he has a gig for us but only for one episode.”

“We immediately go for the briefing.”

“On arrival, Papa is there seated, carrying scripts.”

“There is a character for someone who will be named Jalang’o and another one for Otoyo.”

Jalang’o added:

“Papa pointed at me randomly and said ‘You will be Jalang’o, he then points at my colleague and says ‘you will be Otoyo’, these are your scripts for tomorrow, familiarise with them. Your role is to welcome your sister (main actor Wilbroda) for her wedding to Papa Shirandula.”

“And just like that. I became Jalang’o for life. I could have been Otoyo on the day and for life. Somebody else could have been Jalang’o. Thank you Paps. Thanks for everything. I will miss you so much,” Jalang’o added while holding back tears.

Watch the video below.

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