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Friday July 3, 2020 – John Orinda, father to Felix Orinda (DJ Evolve), has thanked Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, for taking care of his son in hospital and after being discharged from hospital.

Speaking yesterday, Orinda stated that the ODM legislator was still catering for the medical expenses incurred during his son’s home treatment.

“Since he (DJ Evolve) left the hospital, we have seen some improvement, and currently the medication he receives, it is Babu Owino who buys them,” he stated.

He further stated that since his son’s condition required 24-hour-care, the MP had footed the bill for the healthcare professionals looking after the injured man.

“There is a day nurse and a night nurse who, honestly speaking we cannot afford, so we are grateful that Babu is catering for the expense,” he added.

Orinda added that even though he had not met Babu Owino in person, he was assured that the first-time MP was remorseful for what happened as he had offered support when needed.

He noted that reports in the media about the shooting agitated his son who was afraid he would not get better as the reports would trigger flashbacks of the incident.

Orinda has, on several occasions, expressed his gratitude to the MP despite the fact that there was CCTV footage of the altercation between the legislator and his son at B Club in Nairobi on January 17th, noting that Owino had paid his son’s hospital bills.

“I thank Babu Owino for taking my son to Nairobi Hospital.”

“I think he would have died had he taken him to a medical facility that has limited equipment.”

“So far, the MP has paid Ksh 800, 000 for Felix’s treatment,” he stated on January 30.

A report aired by NTV on June 30th, ignited anger against the MP as Kenyans insinuated that justice had not been served because the young man lay in bed unable to do anything by himself.

The MP moved to sue the media station claiming that the packaging of the news report was libelous and that it lowered his standards in the eyes of right-thinking members of society.

Owino further demanded a written apology from the broadcaster.


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