Friday July 10, 2020 – A journalist attached to The Telegraph in the United Kingdom has blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, for hiring a luxurious jet to travel to Dubai to check on the latter who is in Dubai for medical treatment.

The Kenya Government hired an Airbus A318-112 (CJ) Elite A6-CAS, MS421 luxurious jet to go to Dubai and check on the ailing leader.

The cost of hiring the jet was funded by Kenyans taxpayers who are still begging for money and food from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The jet cost Kenyans taxpayers Sh 13 million exclusive of other charges.

The difference between the entitled oligarchy of haves and the have nots in Kenya. Until Kenyans rise up in righteous fury at this type of grotesque excess by our elected officials (supposed servants of the people) we will never flourish as a nation, “Adrian Blomfield said.

Mr Blomfield has also worked with The Economist and he was once The Time’s Moscow correspondent.


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