Friday July 31, 2020 – Jubilee Party Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju, and his three children are staring at real jail terms following the high court’s latest orders.

This is after High Court Judge Mary Kasango ordered the four to appear in court on September 21st, 2020, to explain why they should not be put behind bars.

Tuju and his children are accused of disobeying court orders and blocking two receiver managers from a bank they owe Ksh1.6 billion in defaulted loans from taking over Dari Limited, a company owned by Tuju.

It was also revealed that the four were guarantors of the company at the time the company borrowed a loan from East African Development Bank.

The bank had argued that Tuju and his children disobeyed a court order and they should be punished for contempt.

The judge, in her ruling, insisted that the two receiver managers, Muniu Thoithi and George Waweru, be given access to the company to run it.

In his defence, Tuju, through lawyer Paul Muite, argued that he had been denied a chance to be heard before the receivership orders were made.

Tuju has deposited Ksh50 million into a joint account as a condition to stop the bank from auctioning his company.


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