Saturday July 25, 2020 – Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is facing an uphill task after allegedly pulling out of the deal he reached with President Uhuru Kenyatta to transfer some key functions to the National Government.

Sonko wrote to Attorney General Paul Kihara yesterday informing him of his decision to cancel the deed of transfer.

But, according to sources, Sonko will not have it any easy.

The deed of transfer Clause 9 ties down Sonko because it states that the deal is in effect for two years (24 months) before the two parties consider renewing.

This means that discussions on renewing the deed will be held in February 2022, a few months before Kenyatta retires. 

It adds that the deed may only be terminated by the mutual written consent of both Parties expressed in a common document.

So far, only Sonko has shown the desire to terminate the deal with President Kenyatta hell-bent on securing his legacy through NMS.

Clause 11 speaks on dispute resolution mechanisms, which will also be a headache for Sonko as he will require Kenyatta’s blessings to end the dispute and terminate the deal.

The clause states that in the event of a dispute between the Parties, the two sides shall at the first instance endeavor to resolve the dispute amicably through negotiations.

This process is poised to fail after Sonko launched attacks at Kenyatta’s team accusing them of offering him alcohol which affected his reasoning before signing the deal. 

It adds that if the dispute is not resolved amicably within 30 days from the date, one party notifies the other of the dispute in writing, the parties shall refer the dispute to the National and County Governments Coordinating Summit

Sonko will face Kenyatta at the summit bearing in mind that the Head of State chairs it.

He may bank on Governors to support him, however, most if not all of them are pro-BBI (Building Bridges Initiative), Kenyatta’s legacy project.


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