Friday July 31, 2020 – There was drama in Bungoma County on Wednesday after Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula, ordered the exhumation of his brother’s body so that he can be buried in accordance with the Bukusu community traditions.

Tony Waswa, who was a security expert based in Nairobi, died in May after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Under the Ministry of Health guidelines, COVID corpses are supposed to be buried within 24 hours and Waswa was hurriedly buried by men in hazmat suits.

But fearful of a curse, Wetangula, in consultation with Bukusu elders, opted to exhume the body and bury it properly.

According to the Bukusu culture, bodies are to be buried in a resting position.

The head must always face away from the compound and shoes, necktie, shirt, and trouser must all be loosened.

The elders said if this is not done, it is believed that the dead person will constantly harass family members in their dreams.


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