Sunday July 12, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has given President Uhuru Kenyatta the green light to launch the much anticipated Building Bridges Initiative report even without him.

Uhuru is said to have deliberately delayed the launching of the BBI report following the hospitalization of Raila in Dubai.

According to reports, Uhuru vowed never to launch the BBI alone, saying he will wait for Raila with whom they shook hands and birthed the BBI, to launch the report.

But Raila moved to allay any fears that the BBI report will be delayed due to his absence.

According to Junet Mohammed, who shared Raila’s message to his fans, BBI will be launched as scheduled with or without Baba.

“He says all shall be well and we shall overcome these difficult times we are going through.”

“If the President is available BBI can continue.”

“It cannot delay because it is also the President’s project,” he added.

This comes even as uncertainty looms around as to when Raila would jet back to Kenya from Dubai with the family and ODM party giving conflicting information.


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