Wednesday July 15, 2020 – The management of Lancet Laboratories in Kenya is currently on the spot over contradictory tests of Coronavirus commonly known as COVID 19.

Last week, Lancet picked 24 samples from St Andrews School, Turi, and said 17 of the samples tested positive for coronavirus.

However, when the school sought a second opinion and had the samples sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), the 17 turned negative.

This is not the first time that Lancet is issuing Covid19 results that contradict other testing institutions.

The laboratory was under scrutiny early this month following claims by a number of Kenyans that results of the Sars-CoV-2 tests it carried out were not credible.

On July 7th, the Kemri and Lancet Laboratories in Mombasa gave contradicting Covid19 results for the same samples.

On June 8th, Khalid Nafula Mwanaidi’s sample was taken by the lab in Mombasa and the results came back as positive on June 15th.

Kemri did a test on the same Kenyan and she was declared Covid-free.

Kenyans are now asking the Ministry of Health to come out and explain why Lancet is allowed to play games with the minds of Kenyans and why it is offering contradicting results of Covid19.


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