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Thursday, July 23, 2020 – An upcoming writer from Muranga County has lambasted former Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko, for claiming that many men are getting infected by COVID 19 because they are dirty.

In a video she posted on YouTube on Tuesday, the aging former radio presenter said that men are naturally unhygienic, something that makes them vulnerable to Covid19.

However, according to a budding writer, Gilbert Mwangi, Mutoko owes men an apology for calling them unhygienic.

Here is what this prolific writer from Muranga County told Mutoko.


Caroline Mutoko owes the men of this Nation a national apology.

In a video that’s going round, she says that more men than women are dying of Covid 19 because we are filthy. Never in the history of misandry was so much bile directed to so many men by so few.

In her posh air-conditioned apartment in Kilimani or whatever yuppie neighborhood she is, she can’t fathom that there are men out there who get dirty to pay their bills. Men who have to haul sacks of cabbages at Marigiti or dig graves or do koroga to feed their families. Her world is a sanitized one where men come out smelling of designer musk-even if they fell into a pit latrine.

We have a problem as a nation. Every other vain radio or TV personality thinks they have a panacea to complex social problems that go even beyond Kenya. Sadly, they have a legion of automated followers who swallow every line they utter lock stock and barrel.

Globally, more men than women succumb to catastrophes because they are more exposed to risks by their very nature of being breadwinners. This applies to wars, epidemics, natural calamities, etc. Not because they don’t shower. Did Prince Charles get corona because he is dirty? Did Bukeko succumb to it because he is filthy? Manu Dibango?

This is to all men out there:

If we must die, let it not be like hogs. Let’s sanitize and obey the guidelines on corona and prove her and her gung-ho bunch of misandrists wrong. But if we have to die-as we shall all do someday let’s die with our dignity intact. Let’s die with our heads held high.

If we must die, oh let us nobly die-so that the monster we defy shall be constrained to honour us-though dead.

(The allusion to Claude McKay’s poem-If we must die- must be declared here)

By Gilbert Mwangi

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