Tuesday, 14 July 2020 – Over the weekend, social media went wild after a video of a grown up man ranting like a baby outside a hotel in Naivasha as his girlfriend was being chewed by another man surfaced online.

The man had taken his girlfriend to Naivasha for a weekend getaway but things turned south after she sneaked out to have sex with another man, said to be her side-guy.

The Mercedes Benz driving guy, who is a lawyer by profession, recorded a video outside the hotel waiting for his girlfriend, as she was being chewed by her side-guy.

The weak beta male couldn’t believe that a man who drives a cheap Suzuki Alto chewed his woman, yet he drives a German machine.

In the viral video, the man was seen comparing his expensive car with that of the man who was munching his girlfriend.

Social media detectives have unearthed the cheating lady.

Her booty rivals that of Vera Sidika and she is a typical slay queen.

Here is a video of the lady according to social media detectives.


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