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Thursday July 9, 2020 – Officers working under the Presidential Escort Unit have been cautioned against drug use.

This is after it emerged that some officers were sneaking miraa into State House and abusing it.

An internal memo from Escort Commander George Kirera states that the officers had been banned from chewing miraa as of July 6th, 2020. 

The order explained that continued use of the drug poses health risks for their families and State officials. 

“Please be informed that it has been noted with a high level of concern by this office that chewing of miraa and Muguka is posing a lot of health risks to our personnel and their families,” part of the memo read. 

 “Therefore, with effect of the date of this signal today, no presidential escort personnel or civilian residing within the camps will be allowed to chew miraa or muguka within the camps or workstation,” it further read.

Kirera warned that breaking these rules will result in dire consequences for the officers. 

This comes on the backdrop of confirmation that some State House staff had tested positive for Coronavirus. 

The escort unit does not only provide security to the Head of State but also the first family and the Deputy President as well.

Others include retired Presidents, visiting Heads of States and Governments as well as other VIPs as directed by the Inspector General of Police. 


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  1. Wacha wakule na wanakufa pole pole most miraa are being spread with fertilizer and pesticides to make them look green without being attacked by pesticides watakufa wote and Kenyans be warned who ever is eating miraa like goats unachungulia Kaburi pole pole,Habari ndio hiyo.

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