Tuesday July 21, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to dominate Mt Kenya politics for another two decades despite his 10 year tenure coming to an end in 2022.

According to sources, Uhuru, whose performance can be described as dismal, is planning to use the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to cling onto power after 2022.

The President is planning to become Prime Minister after 2022 and also maintain his seat as the Mt Kenya political kingpin.

He plans to become Prime Minister from 2022 to 2032

From 2032-2042, Uhuru wants to become Deputy President, a position he has not served since he joined politics in 1997.

From 2042, Uhuru wants to become Supreme Leader and remain the de facto Mt Kenya spokesman until they find a replacement from within the family.

The President is planning to cling to power with the assistance of Raila Odinga and KANU chairman, Gideon Moi.

“Uhuru is not going anywhere even after he retires in 2022,” former Gatanga MP, David Murathe, was quoted saying early this year.

 Murathe is a close friend of Uhuru.


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