See how Tom John Or-Paz is disrupting the lucrative Branded Real Estate market using LightArt.

With the number of branded real estate projects surging by almost 200% within the last decade, players in this lucrative market are betting on art and contemporary design to stand out of the pack.

While some developers have tried to leverage the power of modern art in their projects to woo buyers and investors, none has managed to pull it off like Tom John Or-Paz, the brain behind LightArt Group.

Tom John Or-Paz is a serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a wealth of experience in branded real estate projects.

Tom moved to the United States at the age of 18 and set up multiple companies.

By his early twenties, he was one of Israel’s youngest millionaires.

Tom’s first bite at the real estate cherry was at FashionTV where he designed and launched FashionTV’s branded real estate properties.

The development was a major worldwide success and the units were quickly snapped up worldwide.

With the launch of LightArt, Tom’s mission is to elevate a standard project to an emotional journey for the developer and the tenant.

While most developers see an apartment as just four walls and a roof, Tom Or-Paz sees a home for someone, a place where dreams are created and experiences are lived. 

To this end, LightArt works with talented and innovative architects, designers and artists globally to come up with projects with a distinctive and personal design.

Under the leadership of Tom Or-Paz, LightArt teams up with developers once the paperwork is done and adapts the design.

The world-class artists within LightArt then create a unique artwork for each project to reflect the surroundings which gives it a massive selling advantage.

This is a win-win situation because it benefits and creates value both for the developer and the tenants. 

LightArt also employs a large team of professionals who ensure that the entire project and design is in-line with the latest technologies for the comfort of its occupants.

They also strive for innovation and sustainability while vigilant on environmental protection.

So far, LightArt has built hundreds of housing units in branded residences around the world especially in Europe and Asia

They are currently in the process of negotiating with leading developers around the world and sooner you could see a LightArt project in your city.

Speaking about the prospects of LightArt in an interview with Yahoo Finance  recently, Tom Or-Paz said:

“This is just the start of LightArt.”

“By the end of 2020, we plan to have multiple developments signed and construction started in at least 2 of our projects. In the coming years, LightArt will be creating their iconic building in every capital around the world. LightArt buildings will be massive attractions for art lovers of all types, for years to come.

He also spoke on the vital lesson he has learnt in his journey to create emotional connections between art and real estate for investors and art aficionados.

LightArt has taught me that you can achieve everything when you are unique & genuine. Creating art is unique, you take a canvas and you create something new. It is authentic, genuine and one of a kind. Art can never be copied, and you must continuously recreate yourself again and again. Seeing that emotional experience people have when art combines with real estate is phenomenal. The response and effect it has had on people in the industry is breath-taking.”

On the perception of branded real estate across generations and geographies, Tom Or-Paz has this say:

“Branded real estate is recognized and in demand in all countries around the world. People identify themselves in brands and want to be part of it and its activities. When a brand launches a project, it adapts its branding to the country and its cultures.”

“In Dubai for example, the effect will be more subtle and respectful, whereas in the Far East the brand will be louder and more extreme. In Vienna, the focus of any brand would be love & romance.” 

“The beauty of art is that its experience is so dynamic, it is loved by all walks of life, and it is easily adaptable to the culture and its surroundings.” 

Further, Tom Or-Paz noted that the real estate industry has not been leveraging on marketing to appeal to changing consumer tastes and match new expectations, something he is addressing with LightArt.

“In the last two decades, real estate prices have continued to go up, but you get no more value. Nicer marble, nicer curtains maybe, but the industry has been stuck in its design for years. Branding and LightArt are revolutionizing the industry of real estate. With the branding and its design, you get massive value for your apartment.” 

“In the past you would make your decision on technical statistics, how many meters, what floor, etc, but now we have made it an emotional decision, a decision based on “what experience am I getting with my purchase”? We are revolutionizing the market and setting the bar extremely high. he said.”

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